Passion Pit: Gossamer

The Passion Pit: Gossamer app project is an experiment in letting Passion Pit fans create their own music videos and make their own remixes. The app contains interactive music videos and remixer displays for two songs from Gossamer: Carried Away and Take a Walk.

Each song can be experienced in two modes – one is an interactive music video, where the sequencing of graphics, animation, and photographs by Mark Borthwick are different every time based on user touches.

The second mode for each song is a “remixer” in which people can create their own music with Passion Pit’s raw material. For “Take a Walk” people can create new melodies on top of a backing track, by creating a kind of harp-string spider web. In the remixer for “Carried Away” all the parts of the song can be turned on and off via touch tiles. Some loop, while others are synth notes. If you’re skilled enough you can actually play the song through, and I’m looking forward to seeing if anyone pulls it off and posts to YouTube. 

The imagery for the app is all based on a bubble-like diagram that’s technically called a “Voronoi Diagram.” Snibbe learned about this pattern in college and it always fascinated him because it relates to everything from the structure of cells to the gravitational influence of stars. We chose it for this app because the first song, “Take a Walk” is about the financial bubble, and the hangover healing process coming out of it, so we thought this fragmented bubble imagery fit both metaphorically and psychologically. 

Before launching the app, we created a version of it for a video backdrop for Passion Pit's live performance at the 2012 Webby Awards.


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Directed by Scott Snibbe

Produced by Ahna Girshick

Executive Producer  

Hugo Vereker

Engineered by Graham McDermott & Colin Roache

App audio engineered by Noah Bennett Cunningham

Designed by Peter Babakitis, R.J. Herrenkohl & Ray Tuazon

© 2012 Scott Snibbe Studio & Columbia Records