REWORK_: Philip Glass Remixed (2012) 

The 2012 album REWORK_:  Philip Glass Remixed  began as a collaboration between influential composer Philip Glass and the musical artist Beck. It was produced by the accomplished Hector Castillo and features remixes of Philip Glass music for his 75th birthday by Beck, Tyondai Braxton, Amon Tobin, Cornelius, Dan Deacon, Johann Johannsson, Nosaj Thing, Memory Tapes, Silver Alert, Pantha du Prince, My Great Ghost and Peter Broderick.

In conjunction with Snibbe Studio and Philip Glass's assistant, Trevor Gureckis, I produced an interactive app album to complement the music. The REWORK_ app features 11 experimental abstract animations, resulting in over an hour of content. Each one is unique and interactive in its own way. 

The app also features an interactive “Glass Machine” designed by Lukas Girling that lets people create their own music inspired by Philip Glass’ early music. 

The app was the recipient numerous accolades and participant in numerous exhibits including:

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Director Scott Snibbe

Producer Ahna Girshick

Executive Producer Hugo Vereker

Software Engineer Graham McDermott

Software Artist David Wicks

Interface Designer Pirate Vereker

Glass Machine Designer Lukas Girling

Visualizer choreography and design Rebecca Fenton, Lukas Girling, Ahna Girshick, Pete Hawkes, Sean Monroe, Graham Plumb, David Wicks

MIDI Sequencers Trevor Gureckis, Alex Weston, Fritz Myers

App Audio Engineers Lukas Girling and Noah Bennett Cunningham

Special thanks to Trevor Gureckis