METRIC Synthetica (2013) 

"Delightfully surprising", "Damn good", "Makes you feel good about making music yourself" -Fast Company Design 

In the METRIC Synthetica app, animated features of surrealist landscapes produce an infinity of musical sequences. When fans touch these landscapes, they change instrument, timbre, tempo, and sequence to produce original Metric-inspired musical creations. The design of the app was inspired by the surrealistic work of Superstudio, a late 1960s Italian architecture collective spearheaded by Cristiano Toraldo and Adolfo Natalini whose conceptual architecture promoted the harmony of people, nature and technology. Metric was heavily inspired by Superstudio’s imagery during the writing of the Synthetica album. Snibbe Studio sought to bring the Superstudio to life and create a direct, intuitive and engaging interface to remixing music that breaks down the typical barriers of software aimed solely at audio professionals. 

The app will be featured at the Sónar 2014 Festival, and is a 2014 Webby Award Official Honoree,

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Director Scott Snibbe

Producer Ahna Girshick

Executive Producers Hugo Vereker and Mathieu Drouin

Engineering Graham McDermott

App Audio Designer Noah Bennett Cunningham

Visual / Interaction Designers Sean Monroe, Pirate Vereker, Ahna Girshick, Natalie Johnson, Ellias Fullmore, Justin Ponczek

Artwork For “Youth Without Youth”, “Speed The Collapse”, “Breathing Underwater”, “Lost Kitten”, “The Void”, “The Wanderlust” and “Reflections #6” Adapted With Permission From Works By Superstudio.

Artwork For “Artificial Nocturne”, “Dreams So Real”, “Synthetica”, and “Reflections #5” Adapted From Album Artwork By Justin Broadbent.

Special Thanks To Myles Grosovsky

© 2013 Snibbe Studio