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When I arrived at Prof. Marty Banks' Visual Space Perception Lab Berkeley in 2001 as a new Ph.D. student, I was taught how to use stereo displays as a tool to investigate how the brain perceives depth in its visual environment. We asked our research subjects to judge the depth they perceived in different types of 3D scenes. Traditionally this was done with real physical objects which needed to be readjusted either by hand or with a motor for each of thousands of trials. Computer graphics and stereo displays provided us with the tools to complete experiments faster than ever before and investigate new types of viewing situations. To validate our research, we tried to calibrate our displays to ensure that our brains treated them like the real world, but quickly discovered that simulated graphics environments are quite different to the real world. During my years at UC Berkeley, I researched the visual perception (and misperception) of 3-D media while I saw the rise of a new craze for 3-D media.


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